I couldn’t find where to leave feedback Fantastic service fixed my 17 year old heater which is now like new. Honestly thought I’d need a new heater. This has saved me a fortune. How refreshing these days to find someone with the skills and work ethic to repair. Cannot recommend highly enough.

Chris Wilkes

The Spa Quip 750B controller on my 15 year old Wilton spa gave up after being nursed along for the last 4 years. Based on other testimonials I gave Warren a first time call and he turned up promptly to confirm what I suspected. After considering the options and costs without any bs the new Davy SP800 is now in with a simple installation and no compromises. Great service from a nice guy.

Stephen David Tindale

Hi Warren, thank you for your prompt repair of our spa filter. We appreciated your honest appraisal of the heater and the fact you have given it a new lease of life.

Joanne and Mark

Thank you very much for attending to our spa problem so quickly and efficiently. Not many companies come on a callout the day after a request but you arrived on time and dealt with the issues, including giving invaluable advice regarding insurance. I have no hesitation in highly recommending you to anyone with spa or pool problems. You were a real pleasure to deal with and I hope your business continues to grow. Thanks again, it's wonderful to have the spa up and running once more.


I have no hesitation in recommending Warren from Warm Springs for pool and spa repairs and equipment. He knows the history of the products, has the know how to get the job done and is a pleasure to deal with.

Duncan Hogg - Just Spas Perth WA

Warren does a fabulous job with my pool.  When we bought the house the pool equipment was in a terrible state.  Warren soon got everything sorted.

Chris Hodson - Bull Creek Perth WA


Warm Springs Swimming Pool and Spa Repairs Perth

All Pool and Spa Brands - All Perth Suburbs - Commercial or Residential

As the owner of Warm Springs Pool and Spa Repairs I give you my personal guarantee of quality.  Satisfaction guaranteed on the quality of our work.  If your Perth based swimming pool or spa equipment is broken, Warm Springs will fix it.

Warren Isaac - Proprietor (Gas Fitter Licence GF12031)

Pool Repairs and Spa Repairs

When you have a swimming pool or spa that needs repair you just want it to work.  When they don't work it can be very frustrating.  I understand this and that is why you have my personal commitment to having your spa or swimming pool up and running in no time.

For all your swimming pool repairs Perth or spa repairs Perth we are here to help. 

Warm Springs Perth can take care of all your pool and spa equipment repairs in the Perth area.  We repair, service, supply and install pumps, salt water chlorinators, filters, gas heating, electric heaters and heat pumps, solar heaters and all other equipment.

"Warren was great.  He was up on my roof and down the back with the filter.  He had my swimming pool repaired in no time."

About Warm Springs Pool and Spa Repairs:

  • Over 15 years experience in gas fitting and the pool and spa industry
  • Free no obligation quotes
  • Owner Warren Isaac (Gas fitter licence GF 12031)
  • Specialists in supply, installation and repair of swimming pool heaters and spa heaters
  • All swimming pool and spa equipment supplied, installed or repaired
  • Fast, honest and friendly service
  • All brands
  • All Perth suburbs and all spa repairs Perth
  • Commercial or residential
  • Full satisfaction guarantee on the quality of our work
  • Emergency repairs done in 24 hours
  • Warm Springs carry all parts and can obtain specialist parts within 24 hours
  • Insurance claim reports supplied
  • Warranty repairs handled

Common Repair Requests

Gday, we have a MX400 or 500 that is not igniting. We only just moved in so don’t have any details of when it was installed or serviced. We are in SAN Remo. What would it cost for an inspection air service if that fixes it.


Hi we live in Canning Vale and would like a quote to replace our Hurlcon MX 300 series gas heater. Regards.


Hi, I have an old 4 person spa SP600 that is giving me and Error 6 code after I refilled it. I tried bleeding the lines in case of air locks but it still trips my power after giving me the error code. Would I be able to have this looked at and what would the likely cost be to assess or fix?


We have a Signature Eclipse 2 spa with an O3zone Balboa ozone generator that has stopped working and probably needs replacing. We also have a spa jet that is stuck and needs fixing please. The spa is 10 years old.


Hi, We are looking for air injector caps for a Stylus Air Force 2 MK 1. I don't suppose you have any or know of a replacement? Thanks


Hi Warren we need our solar pool heating replaced , the system measures 28 sq m . It is over 10yrs old and currently not working, the control box is faulty and also in need of replacement. We have had someone out to quote and based on this information , would like a quote from you too if possible for I understand this is a busy time of the year but January would be fine at some point for work to commence. Please quote for a 28 sq m system, manifold, matting, pipework and a new control box.


Hi Warren. A few years ago you did a service on my spa. The sp800 is throwing error 6 - thermal cut out. Have cleaned filter and reset but still throwing error. Can you pls come and service?


I have an older Freedom spa that I am trying to fix up. It is missing the circulation pump and controller and the heater pump is running but I was told the heater doesn't work. Heater pump is a Waterco Delta Hot 75. I was wondering if you have any decent second hard parts that I can purchase to get it running again?


Hi, Do you service as far as Quinns Rocks? We have a HURLCON HX120 that hasnt been run in a number of years. Just trying to get the spa up and running again. Appears to show 4E but afaik that is not a fault code. In any case it shows the water temp, target temp, flashes on off for a bit, min or so, then shuts off. Please advise if you can help. Many thanks


Hi, we have a signature spa purchased from Wilton Spas in Cannington if I recall correctly. Its losing water, leaking from the drain valve. Its been leaking mildly for a while but requires replacement now as we are losing a substantial amount of water. Its the drain type that opens when you pull it outward from the spa surround. Are you able to provide a quote please on replacement including fitting?


Hi Can you let me know if its possible to repair an outdoor Spa where the surface Acrylic has cracked and broken off on an area due to an impact.


Hello, I was thinking I must have a leak or something in my pool. I've turned the pump off and had the blanket on, and in about two weeks lost over a foot of water .. this can't be normal right? I'm always filling it up and now leaving the pump off I'm convinced there is somethings a miss.


Hi I think we have a leak in the pool as I am losing a lot of water about 4 cm yesterday. We have a liner on the pool so I am not sure if there is a problem with that or the equipment. I was hoping to have someone here.

I have a small freestanding spa, the coupling on the pump split and I tried unsuccessfully to repair it. I have the new pipe and couplings now for the repairs.


We have a Wilton Phoenix in ground spa and the Ventura is not working correctly. I'm not sure if it can be repaired or needs to be replaced.


Hi Warren, I have a skimmer box that has lost its flap. I am also looking for a quote on a new filter pump and clorinator. The pool is 50kl.


Hi Warren, I am searching for a Stylus Air Force 2 Spa Bath air injector cap. Do you have any in stock?


Hi Warren, I have a Monarch sp800, the buttons on the controller have stopped working, although the unit and LED display still works. Is this something you can repair?


Hi Warren, I have a Hurlcon VX 7TL salt chlorinator. The buttons on the controller have stopped working, although the unit and LED display still works perfectly, its only 4 years old. Is this something you can repair? If so what price range would i be looking at? Thanks in advance.


Hello, I am in need of repairs to our spa. I have a slow dripping leak at the back of one of the lower spinning jet assemblies in the corner sitting position of the spa. I have a replacement spinning jet assembly. Try as I might, I cannot see how to get the old one off. I believe the spa is a Signature brand. The spa has been drained in readiness for repair. The property is in Thornlie. Thanks in advance. 


Hi,I need a Skimmer Box replaced. Regards in Shelley


Just wondering how much you charge for a spa service please? I am in Forrestfield.


Hello, I have just purchased an 8 seater spa second hand. It works well, however is taking an extremely long time to heat up and wont go past 31 degrees. Also, the booster pumps work great, but the large pumps barely work. How much will it cost for you to come around and have a look? Thanks.


Hello, do you make pool pump enclosures ? If so what sort of price range would I be looking at for an eCombi enclosure? I am in Ballajura.


Hi, I have a SpaQuip supercharger installed for my hot tub, I'm not too sure if it is the 1.25hp model or the 1.65hp model as the instructions manual has both featured. When I turn it on it makes a lot of noise to the point where you have to turn it off because it is too loud. Are these superchargers repairable or do I need to have a new one installed, if so what is the pricing?


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