Gas Pool Heaters

It is winter in Perth and I have just checked my pool.  15 degrees celcius Brrr.  If I had a gas pool heater it could be a delightful 27 degrees right now and I could be swimming every day.

To get a Gas Pool Heater installed

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In Perth we have the luxury of having some of the cheapest gas prices in the world.  As one of the world's largest gas producers we are able to have cheap natural gas piped straight to our houses.

Comfortable swimming temperatures in winter hover around 27 to 29 degrees celcius.  If you are curious, don't hesitate to call Warren and ask him what it would cost to run your gas pool heater.  A few cents a day can keep you and the kids swimming all year long.

A gas pool heater works a lot like your instant hot water system for your home.  A swimming pool heater though is just on a larger scale.  Water that is already circulating through the pool pump is gently warmed as it returns back to your pool.  This is a very efficient process that retains the heat that already exists in your swimming pool.

Warren from Warm Springs is a fully licenced gas fitter and can supply and fully install a gas pool heater.  For a free quote on a gas swimming pool heater call Warren from Warm Springs on 0409 874 343.

Common Questions:

Hi Warren I live in Mandurah. I have a spa with a gas hurlcon heater, there appears to be a problem with it ,it keeps erroring. It has 2 pumps .The main one has just been fixed. We drained the spa and refilled it, unfortunately we have a couple of leaks. We need a professional. I would really appreciate it if you could call me to arrange a time that is convenient to come out.


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Common questions:

Hi Warren I have just purchased a second hand Hurlcon HX120 gas pool heater and it is in need of a service.  The gas outlet is directly next to where the until needs to be install. I had it put in during build of my house. Can you give me a estimate please for install.