Gas Spa Heaters

When your spa needs heating we think that gas is the way to go.  We can order and install gas spa heaters in any Perth suburb.  With winter approaching now is the time to heat up your spa before it gets too cold.

What is the advantage of gas spa heaters?

Gas spa heaters are very cheap to run.  They cost a fraction of what electrical spa heating does.

Gas spa heating is also very quick.  A gas flame is instantly hot and passes this heat to your water quickly and efficiently.

If you need your spa heated then a gas spa heater is the way to go.


Common questions we get asked:

Hi Warren,we have recently bought a house with an inground spa and unsure of the condition of the pump and gas heater equipment. Do you provide a service whereby we can check the condition of the spa equipment and what is required for it to function properly? We are in the suburb of Somerley Clarkson


Common Questions We Get Asked

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Hi Warren, I live in Stirling and I have a Viron 350 heater and when I went to turn it on it wont spark up. You can hear it letting the gas in and the ignitor runs for 30 odd seconds but it never flames up. Can we organise a time for you to pop out to have a look at it some day please.


Hi Warren, a couple of weeks ago you gave me price for a Hurlcon HX120 gas spa heater delivered and installed. Could you go ahead and supply the heater, and give me a quote to install the gas connection. 


Hello Warren, I've got a Hurlcon JX series heater that wont ignite. I'm in Lesmurdie. Fan goes on but no ignition. Is that something you can fix?