How To Look After Your Pool In Winter

Looking After Your Pool In Winter

Winter is a time when your pool will move the back of your mind.  It is too cold to swim so you don't give it a second thought.  The thing is that you don't want your pool going green over winter because this can ruin the surface of your pool and will create a lot of work in summer to get it right again.

Winter can be a real problem for your swimming pool or even your spa because the extra rain runs nutrients into your pool that can cause an explosion of algal growth.  Fertiliser from the grass, plant pots and vegetable patch are all culprits and it can run in from a neighbour.

Leaves And Debris

With the extra wind and rain of winter leaves, sticks and dirt will flood into your pool.  It is a good idea to put a skimmer box sock on to stop leaves and grass getting into your pump.  Skim, scoop and vacuum your pool at least once a month in winter to get rid of the bulk of debris.  Also see the pool cover suggestion below.

Chemical Level

You probably won't test your chemical levels as often in winter.  Dose up your pool chemicals at the start of winter and test about once a month.  Because you won't be swimming you won't use as many chemicals but the extra rain water will constantly dilute your pool chemicals.  Keep an eye out and replenish as needed.

Pool Covers

Pool covers are great for collecting leaves and debris.  Before you roll back your cover use your scoop to collect leaves, grass, sticks etc. that exist on the surface.

Pool Cover Roller

As you can see from the photo that the pool cover roller can be affected by strong winds.  Your pool cover can act as a sail so keep a regular eye out to make sure the roller hasn't broken or gone in the pool.

Filter And Swimming Pool Pump

The great news is that you can save on power bills during winter.  Here in Australia we run the pool pump about 8 hours a day in summer.  Here that costs about $0.25 an hour.  Over winter you can reduce that time to 2 to 4 hours.  At this rate you could be saving around $1.50 per day on electricity costs.

Algae Bomb

To use less chemicals there is a variety of chemicals called algae shock.  You dose your pool up with the this chemical at the start of winter and it will keep you pool algae free for up to 3 months.


If you have a salt water chlorinator then set it a little higher over winter.  Because you are running your pump less often, the chlorinator will have less time to make chlorine.


Why not set a reminder on your phone so that once a month you go out and do a quick 5 minute check of the pool.  Winter is also a great time to brush up on your lifesaving skills.

Happy not swimming! (Because the water is too cold Brrr)

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