How To Save Your Swimming Pool Pump

Swimming pool pumps are expensive things to buy and are expensive things to repair.  You want to keep your pool pump in good working order all year round.

I have a client that has been doing a lot of renovating around their house.  As a result their pool has had a lot of debris and especially grass runner entering the pool.  Organic material like small sticks, leaves and especially grass play havock on your pool filter and pump.  It got to the point where the pool pump had seized up and was no longer working as the grass runners had wrapped themselves around the motor.


Debris In The Pool Skimmer Box

The solution initially was an expensive one because I had to come out 3 times and unclog the pump.  However after that I recommended a sock for the filter skimmer basket.  The sock is very helpful if you have small particles getting into your water.  Old leaves that have broken down into mush, grass runners tiny leaves, sand, anything that will get through the holes of your skimmer basket.

Pool Skimmer Basket Sock

The pool skimmer basket socks are like a stocking.  They come in packs of 3 and stop all the small debris getting into your swimming pool pump.  At $15 for a 3 pack they are a very worthwhile investment and can save you a fortune in repair costs.  The only down side with the socks is that they do slightly reduce your water flow.  

If you have an older or damaged pool pump then you may need to get some advice about how well your system will handle the sock.  If you need any advice on pool pump repairs then don't hesitate to call Warren from Warm Spings Pool and Spa Repairs on 0409 874 343.


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