I have no hesitation in recommending Warren from Warm Springs for pool and spa repairs and equipment. He knows the history of the products, has the knowhow to get the job done and is a pleasure to deal with.

Duncan Hogg - Just Spas WA

Common Questions

Hi Warren, Just wondering if you guys repair pool lights, mine has come off the wall of the pool


I require assistance to fix a leaking pipe on my swimming pool. The pipe leak is near one of the inlet ports. When pool pump is idle the leak is only a minor drip, however when the pump is running the leak is significant. I have done all the digging to expose the leaking area. I can send photos if it helps to get an idea of the issue.


Hi Warren I have an F2 fault on our Hurlicon heater. I found a loose wire on the sensor on the manifold.


Hi Warren, We have a HURLCON HX heater which we are having problems with and believe it may need replacing. It sometimes turns on but wont heat up the water. It looks like it was installed back in 2002. What would a replacement one cost? We are in Jane Brook, when could you come and have a look and the call out fee? Thanks


Hi Warren, I am pretty sure our Ozonator is not doing anything. Bubbling but highly unlikely its generating ozone. Its a clearwater CW1 or CWO1. Spacraft reckon they MAY be able to repair otherwise they say to replace with XL30 plus SW2 air pump. Anyway wondering if you can help us get it up to speed again.


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When your Perth swimming pool is not functioning properly it can be stressful.  Let Warm Springs take care of all your swimming pool repairs.

Warm Springs can do everything from install swimming pool heating to replacing filters and repairing chlorinators.  When it comes to your swimming pool equipment repairs Warm Springs are the experts and we will have your swimming pool working again in no time.

"We offer fast response times, high quality workmanship and the best all round service anywhere in Perth." Warren Isaac Owner

Warm Springs will come out and take care of your swimming pool repairs in any suburb of Perth.  It doesn't matter how big or small the job Warm Springs can handle all swimming pool repairs including supply and installation of parts.

Don't wait, call the number at the top right of the screen now and get back in your pool asap.

Call: 0409 874 343

As a qualified trades person and gas fitter, Warren has the skills, expertise and training to repair or replace all swimming pool equipment.

About Warm Springs Pool and Spa Repairs:

  • Over 15 years experience in the pool and spa industry
  • Free no obligation quotes
  • Owner Warren Isaac (Gas fitter licence GF 12031)
  • Specialists in supply, installation and repair of swimming pool and spa heaters
  • All swimming pool and spa equipment supplied, installed or rpaired
  • Fast, honest and friendly service
  • All brands
  • All Perth suburbs
  • Commercial or residential
  • Full satisfaction guarantee on the quality of our work
  • Emergency repairs done in 24 hours
  • Warm Springs carry all parts and can obtain specialist parts within 24 hours
  • Insurance claim reports supplied
  • Warranty repairs handled

For all spa repairs Perth and swimming pool repairs Perth


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Warm Springs can supply, install and repair the following:

Specialists in swimming pool and spa gas heating in addition to repairing all swimming pool and spa equipment.  We also service pool and spa heaters to keep them in top condition.

Swimming Pool Equipment Repairs

Chlorinators, pool pumps, gas heaters, solar heaters, heat pumps, sand filters, cartridge filters, jets

Spa Equipment Repairs

Spa gas heaters, spa pumps, circulator pumps, blowers, filters, controllers, remotes, ozonators, jets