I have no hesitation in recommending Warren from Warm Springs for pool and spa repairs and equipment. He knows the history of the products, has the knowhow to get the job done and is a pleasure to deal with.

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Swimming Pool and Spa Heaters

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Australia has beautiful weather but even so you can only enjoy your swimming pool or spa half the year.

To get the most out of your swimming pool or spa in Perth you require a swimming pool heater or spa heater to keep your water warm all year round.

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New gas spa heaters, spa electric heat pumps and solar spa heaters

New gas, electric and solar swimming pool heaters

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Swimming pool heaters and spa heaters come in three main varieties:

  • Gas heaters - Cheap to run and very efficient.  Swimming pool or spa gas heaters are our recommendation as they heat your water very quickly and give you full control over water heating.
  • Electric heat pumps - Easy to use and are suitable in any house.  If your house doesn't have a gas supply and electric heater is a wonderful choice.
  • Solar heaters - These provide free heat from the sun.  Similar to a solar hot water system for your shower, they use black pipes on your roof to capture the sun's energy.

Warm Springs Pool and Spa Repairs are the experts in supply, installation and repair of all swimming pool and spa heaters.

We also service pool and spa heaters to keep them operating and in top condition for years.

Call us right now to enjoy a lovely warm swimming pool or spa all year round.  As Warren is a fully qualified gas fitter, he will install, service and repair your electric heat pump, gas spa heater or solar spa system with ease.



Spa Gas Heaters - In Perth you need to have a spa gas heater.  A happy is spa is maintained by your spa gas heater in a comfortable temperature range.  Because spas are smaller than swimming pools they lose heat faster.  This heat has to be replaced by spa heating and we recommend gas spa heating.  They run just like your home gas heater but on a much larger scale.

Gas Pool Heaters - Pools are no different from spa's when it comes to heating.  If you heat your swimming pool then you will have the option to enjoy it all year round.  

The heater brands we recommend are:


Raypak Swimming Pool Heaters and Spa Heaters

Pentair Swimming Pool Heaters and Spa Heaters

Bosch Swimming Pool Heaters and Spa Heaters

Wilton Swimming Pool Heaters and Spa Heaters


Chaffoteaux Swimming Pool Heaters and Spa Heaters


Everdure Swimming Pool Heaters and Spa Heaters

 Hurlcon Swimming Pool Heaters and Spa Heaters

About Warm Springs Pool and Spa Repairs:

  • Over 15 years experience in the pool and spa industry
  • Free no obligation quotes
  • Owner Warren Isaac (Gas fitter licence GF 12031)
  • Specialists in supply, installation and repair of swimming pool heaters and spa heaters
  • All swimming pool and spa equipment supplied, installed or rpaired
  • Fast, honest and friendly service
  • All brands
  • All Perth suburbs
  • Commercial or residential
  • Full satisfaction guarantee on the quality of our work
  • Emergency repairs done in 24 hours
  • Warm Springs carry all parts and can obtain specialist parts within 24 hours
  • Insurance claim reports supplied
  • Warranty repairs handled

Warm Springs Pool and Spa Repairs

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Warm Springs can supply, install and repair the following:

Specialists in swimming pool and spa gas heating in addition to repairing all swimming pool and spa equipment.  We also service pool and spa heaters to keep them in top condition.

Swimming Pool Equipment Repairs

Chlorinators, pool pumps, gas heaters, solar heaters, heat pumps, sand filters, cartridge filters, jets

Spa Equipment Repairs

Spa gas heaters, spa pumps, circulator pumps, blowers, filters, controllers, remotes, ozonators, jets