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Spa Leaks Perth

Author: Warm Springs  Date: 10 April 2024

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As the owner of Warm Springs Pool and Spa Repairs I give you my personal guarantee of quality.  Satisfaction guaranteed on the quality of our work.  If your Perth based swimming pool or spa equipment is broken, Warm Springs will fix it.

Warren Isaac - Proprietor (Gas Fitter Licence GF12031)

If your spa is leaking we can repair it.

A leaking spa can be a frustrating and potentially costly problem for any spa owner. Several factors can contribute to leaks in a spa, ranging from minor issues to more significant structural problems. Understanding the main causes of spa leaks is crucial for effective troubleshooting and repair. Below are some common culprits behind spa leaks:

Worn Out Seals and Gaskets: Over time, the seals and gaskets in a spa can deteriorate due to exposure to chemicals, heat, and general wear and tear. These components are essential for maintaining a watertight seal in various parts of the spa, such as pumps, valves, and fittings. When seals and gaskets become worn or damaged, they can allow water to leak out of the spa.

Cracked or Damaged Shell: The spa shell, typically made of acrylic or fiberglass, can develop cracks or fractures due to various factors, including impacts, improper installation, or structural stress. These cracks may not always be immediately visible but can lead to significant leaks over time as water seeps through the damaged areas.

Faulty Plumbing Connections: Spa plumbing systems consist of numerous pipes, fittings, and connectors that transport water to different components, such as jets, heaters, and filters. If any of these connections become loose, cracked, or damaged, they can cause leaks. Additionally, poor installation or inadequate sealing of plumbing joints can also contribute to leaks.

Pump and Heater Issues: The pump and heater are critical components of a spa's circulation system. If these components develop leaks due to worn seals, cracked housings, or corroded parts, they can release water into the surrounding area. Leaks from the pump or heater may be more evident during operation when water pressure is higher.

Freeze Damage: In colder climates, spas are susceptible to freeze damage if not properly winterized. When water freezes inside the plumbing lines or components, it can expand and cause pipes to crack or fittings to loosen, leading to leaks once the ice thaws.

Ongoing Chemical Damage: Improperly balanced water chemistry can cause corrosion or deterioration of various spa components over time. Corroded fittings, deteriorated seals, or degraded plumbing lines can result from exposure to aggressive chemicals, ultimately leading to leaks.

Structural Settlement or Shifting: In some cases, the ground underneath or around the spa may settle or shift over time, causing stress on the spa structure. This stress can lead to cracks in the shell or damage to plumbing connections, resulting in leaks.

Age and Wear: Like any mechanical system, spas experience wear and tear with age. As components age, they may become less effective at maintaining a watertight seal, increasing the likelihood of leaks.

Addressing spa leaks typically requires a systematic approach, starting with a thorough inspection to identify the source of the problem. Depending on the cause of the leak, repairs may range from simple adjustments or replacements of seals and gaskets to more extensive shell repairs or plumbing fixes. Regular maintenance, including proper water chemistry management and routine inspections, can help prevent leaks and prolong the lifespan of a spa.

Common questions we get asked:

I've got an older Spa Power spa 4-5 seater. Control panel is oval if that helps identify. I have a crack in the housing the filter sits in. Only leaks when the pump is on. When turned off at the wall it doesn't leak. I've got photos of it helps at all. Just wondering if you can quote at all? I'm located near Midland. Thanks ☺️


Hello. I have a Sapphire My Winterdream Spa and some of the jets need replacing as they blow off when you turn on the spa and try and adjust them. We are selling the spa and would like the jets replaced and also check if everything else is ok. We are in Harrisdale.


We have a Atlantic 243 Wilton Spa that has a minor leakage which has caused the internal wooden floor to be damaged.


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