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Spa Controllers Perth

Author: Warm Springs  Date: 28 May 2024

Warm Springs Pool and Spa Repairs

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Warm Springs Pool and Spa Repairs

Our services

Warm Springs can supply, install and repair the following:

Specialists in swimming pool and spa gas heating in addition to repairing all swimming pool and spa equipment.  We also service pool and spa heaters to keep them in top condition.

Swimming Pool Equipment Repairs

Chlorinators, pool pumps, gas heaters, solar heaters, heat pumps, sand filters, cartridge filters, jets

Spa Equipment Repairs

Spa gas heaters, spa pumps, circulator pumps, blowers, filters, controllers, remotes, ozonators, jets

All Pool and Spa Brands - All Perth Suburbs - Commercial or Residential

As the owner of Warm Springs Pool and Spa Repairs I give you my personal guarantee of quality.  Satisfaction guaranteed on the quality of our work.  If your Perth based swimming pool or spa equipment is broken, Warm Springs will fix it.

Warren Isaac - Proprietor (Gas Fitter Licence GF12031)

Spa controllers do eventually fail. They get UV and water damage or can be broken or damaged by animals. We can repair or replace your spa controllers anywhere in Perth.

Common questions we get asked:

I have a spa in the house I recently purchased. I have done some trouble shooting and the pneumatic tube from the button to the pump controller has been chewed in half (by rodents I presume). There is no tube now between the button mounted in the spa inside and the pump controller mounted on the electric motor directly outside the double brick wall. It seems the tube will need to be 'fished' back through the wall from the button hole in the top lip of the spa and reconnected. I have connected the button to the pump controller with a shortened piece of tube and it actuates the pump so the system is running and pumps water. The pump motor does sound a little rough, though is running (currently). I am not 100% sure if the two spa controls are doing anything to the water jets when turned so this might also be faulty and require attention. Please could you confirm earliest attendance, any call out costs and hourly rate or estimate to repair? Thanks Brian


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