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Spa Repairs Perth WA

Author: Warm Springs  Date: 08 March 2024

Warm Springs Pool and Spa Repairs

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Warm Springs Pool and Spa Repairs

Our services

Warm Springs can supply, install and repair the following:

Specialists in swimming pool and spa gas heating in addition to repairing all swimming pool and spa equipment.  We also service pool and spa heaters to keep them in top condition.

Swimming Pool Equipment Repairs

Chlorinators, pool pumps, gas heaters, solar heaters, heat pumps, sand filters, cartridge filters, jets

Spa Equipment Repairs

Spa gas heaters, spa pumps, circulator pumps, blowers, filters, controllers, remotes, ozonators, jets

All Pool and Spa Brands - All Perth Suburbs - Commercial or Residential

As the owner of Warm Springs Pool and Spa Repairs I give you my personal guarantee of quality.  Satisfaction guaranteed on the quality of our work.  If your Perth based swimming pool or spa equipment is broken, Warm Springs will fix it.

Warren Isaac - Proprietor (Gas Fitter Licence GF12031)

Spa repairs Perth WA, what is involved?

About Repairs

On some occasions, a hot tub or spa owner may suffer the effects of a breakdown. Many hot tubs have to be repaired for a slew of different reasons. While some issues are structural or mechanical, other issues are gas related or strictly electrical. There are many probable causes for a malfunctioning hot tub, each having its own associated components, diagnostic process and solution. If you are living in Perth, Washington, you may be seeking a professional who can assist you with your spa or hot tub needs, especially if your spa or hot tub is no longer working and you require the assistance of a specialist. Knowing what to expect during the repair process will help give you better insight, however.

Before any repairs are completed, the repair technician determines what type of malfunction it is. This is essential for both the proficiency of the entire process, but also his or her safety. Before engaging in any type of electrical repair, the technician must thoroughly assess the area, especially if that electrical source is surrounded by water. This can prove to be life threatening. Only a qualified electrician or spa technician can go about completing such complicated repairs, and do it yourself techniques are strictly dissuaded in these circumstances. Therefore, if your technician is repairing an electrical issue, they will always disconnect the spa first. Essentially, precautions will be taken and the secondary panel will be shut down.

Many such repairs will involve familiar hand tools, such as needle nose pliers, wire cutters, wrenches, as well as screw drivers. However,the more complicated the issue is, the more complicated the tools will be. When electrical issues are involved, the technician may feel compelled to use a multimeter in order to sufficiently measure the voltage, as well as the resistance in ohms. In order to thoroughly assess any lingering electrical issues, the technician may also employ the use of a clamp on amp meter. These, however, are basic devices that can be obtained at home improvement stores.

The Repair Process

It is critical to note that the repair process will hinge strongly on the origin as well aashe cause of the problem. For example, a mechanical issue will be addressed substantially different from that of an electrical issue. One of the most common issues that are faced with spa tub owners is that of a psa that does not run or turn on, or operate in any capacity. This issue is typically associated with the GFCI, as well as the fuse and the high limit switch. Accordingly, with this in mind, a technician would most likely undergo the following repair process:

The first step would be to check where the power is coming from, as well as the voltage associated with the input of the incoming power. The, the circuit breaker would be check subsequent to this. The next step would be to asses the GFCI. For example, it may require some type reconnection in which case the technician will do this. However, the technician may determine that the GFCI is not in fact the cause of the issue. This will be evident if the GFCI simply resets itself. If this occurs, then the technician will move on the next most likely source of the situation, and this is the fuse. For example, the fuse may have blown, and this may explain why the hot tub is not functioning at all.However, if the fuse is in prime condition, then the technician will move onto the next most viable step in the process. All devices will be turned on prior to moving on to the next one. As you can see, this is a systematic process, and the technician will move from device to device until they can locate the issue.

Common Questions We Get:

Do you repair Hurlcon TX spa pumps? Would like someone to have a look at our pump - Harrisdale. Please advise cost if any to visit?


Hi there, we have an older simpler 2mx2m spa that is currently no longer turning on. We suspect it might be the pump (Waterco). Would it be possible for you to come and have look and hopefully fix it :) We are in Maylands. Please let me know if there is any other information you may require. Thank for your time.


Hello, I have a Jadan 8 person spa and need to replace the pump and get it serviced. Just wondering if you can help.


Can I please get an email address to send a video and photo through for a quote in repairing a leaking old LA Spas spa.


I have a spa - around 3 years old - the heating mechanism isn’t working or the spa jets. Filter has recently been changed as has the water. It is a 5 seater - pb557. Hoping you can assist.

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