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Swimming Pool And Spa Chlorinator Repairs Perth

Author: Warm Springs  Date: 10 November 2019

Warm Springs Pool and Spa Repairs

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Warm Springs Pool and Spa Repairs

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Warm Springs can supply, install and repair the following:

Specialists in swimming pool and spa gas heating in addition to repairing all swimming pool and spa equipment.  We also service pool and spa heaters to keep them in top condition.

Swimming Pool Equipment Repairs

Chlorinators, pool pumps, gas heaters, solar heaters, heat pumps, sand filters, cartridge filters, jets

Spa Equipment Repairs

Spa gas heaters, spa pumps, circulator pumps, blowers, filters, controllers, remotes, ozonators, jets

All Pool and Spa Brands - All Perth Suburbs - Commercial or Residential

As the owner of Warm Springs Pool and Spa Repairs I give you my personal guarantee of quality.  Satisfaction guaranteed on the quality of our work.  If your Perth based swimming pool or spa equipment is broken, Warm Springs will fix it.

Warren Isaac - Proprietor (Gas Fitter Licence GF12031)

Need a salt water chlorinator installed, repaired or replaced?

Warm Springs are the Perth chlorinator experts!

Call 0409 874 343

Chlorinators are an amazing innovation.  Your pool or spa chlorinator uses electricity to turn ordinary salt NaCl in two different compounds hypochlorus acid HClO and sodium hypochlorite NaClO.


Your salt water pool chlorinator takes the salt you add and converts it into an active agent that is able to sanitise your pool.  Rather than adding the agents in their final form the salt water chlorinator creates them out of water and salt.

There are many brands on the market such as the G2 Autoclear Chlorinator and they range in price from $600 to $1500.

Salt is cheap and so pool chlorinators suit the Perth environment as we have ready access to cheap salt supplies.  A saltwater chlorinator is a cost effective solution but they do not last for ever.  If you are in Perth and need salt chlorinators Perth to be supplied, repaired or installed then Warren can help.

Once you have your salt water chlorinator installed it takes approximately one bag of salt per month to provide the chlorine needs.  An average bag of salt costs $7 from your local pool supply store or hardware store.

Need a salt water chlorinator installed, repaired or replaced?

Warm Springs are the Perth chlorinator experts!

Call 0409 874 343

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